Forgiveness & Healing

Forgiveness, as we all know, is the very first step to freedom from anything that entangles, disrupts, destroys or harms us in any way.  For as long as we hold back forgiveness for anything that caused us pain in our lives, we are blocking our own paths to a better life, and we are claiming and experiencing that pain again and again, time after time.  Nobody ever said that forgiveness was an easy thing to do–but is most certainly necessary in order to obtain freedom from the past.  And without freedom, our minds and souls would forever be bound to painful events and we would not be permitted to live our lives as free individuals on any scale. 
God did not create us to live in bondage to our pasts.  And He has given us all of the tools to become free wherever we are in this moment, when we accept that it is our responsibility to use those tools and to work through the most difficult parts, instead of using blame, shame and suffering as a catalyst for all of our future failures in this life.

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