Life is a level playing field….

If you were to take some time to interview someone whom you view as “lucky” in life–and if you took time to get to know this person and the thoughts that are operating in their minds I believe that you would see that their self-talk may be quite a bit different than yours.  Opportunities come to those who expect opportunity to come to them.  They are living their lives from a place of freedom and healthy expectation instead of fear.  
How does this translate into your life and circumstances?  It’s a simple concept that requires some work to achieve.  We must remove old strongholds in our minds and move our thoughts to a higher vibrational level–so that the successes we long to have are vibrating at the same energetic level as the thoughts we are thinking.
Lower energy thoughts, or fear based thoughts vibrate at a much lower level, and so they attract events and circumstances that have the same vibration.  When we raise our vibrational level we will start to attract events and people and circumstances that are on that level, and our outward life will change.

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