Embracing The Wisdom of The Teachings

We are living in the age of discovery, not only of our ancient ancestry, but of inborn wisdom, long forgotten.  Today, in this moment knowledge is flowing into our creative consciousness, allowing us to see past what is tangible.  We are born to create and manifest.  The secret energies that our creator buried within the constructs of our minds is now coming into the light.  It is now time to awaken to the wisdom that is before us. 
This kinetic force of wisdom is seeking to teach us how to use those most intimate parts of ourselves which are created in the image of God in order to create within ourselves what is good, what is right, what is eternal.  We are called into creation so that we may create in our own hearts and lives what is Luminescent and Radiant Love.  We are being called out of an age of dormant resources into the Dawning of New Enlightenment.  God is opening our eyes to what has been long hidden from us.  It is now our responsibility to reach out and take hold of that knowledge and to follow it.  Happiness is alive. Forgiveness is alive.  Peace is alive.  All of these energies are sentient and kinetic.

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