Letting Go Of The Labels Game


Learning to let go of the activity of labeling and judgment serves to further us along this path to enlightenment.  In the time that it takes us to attach a judgment or label to a stream of information that we receive, we can decide not to label and to refrain from judgment.  This stops negative emotional attachments from bonding to the information in the first place.  When we simply observe events instead of attaching an emotion to them, we are preventing those events and that information from being deposited into our bodies, minds and chakras.  We are also preventing stress reactions to the emotions that begin to grow as soon as the attachment of the emotion to the information is complete.  In preventing this stress, our bodies become healthier because we are not piling them up with junk, our emotional state is better because we aren’t flooding ourselves with negativity and our chakras are not impacted negatively.  I propose that by learning to consciously remove the emotional component  from any event or information around us, we in essence are prohibiting that event or information from affecting us and we are creating health on all levels of our being.
The biggest difficulty in implementing a non-judgment system within your mind and life is in finding that tiny opportunity between the information and the labeling.  This space is so small, that we really have to look for it and in bigger situations it appears even smaller.  I believe that practicing non-judgment daily on a conscious level will help in this process.  It acts to highlight that tiny space where we can choose non-judgment instead of allowing spontaneous pre-programmed labeling to occur, which then will attach a negative emotion to this information. 
The attachment of emotion to information by labeling/judgment  is what binds us to the past.  It is what binds us to pain.  It is what steals our present moment and robs us of the sensation of freedom.  It is also the creative force which perpetuates the manifestation of similar circumstances in our lives, because it follows the Law of Attraction.  The thought portion of the judgment is relatively minute, however; the emotional constituent becomes viral and intrudes and spreads out, entwining itself into a vast number of other associations in our minds and psyches.  This is an important concept to grasp.

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