What Is Kinetic Forgiveness About?

What is Kinetic Forgiveness™
Kinetic Forgiveness™  is the term I have coined for a cultivated state of awareness that is useful in the releasement of negative patterns of behavior and thought.  By tracing current patterns backwards to the point of origin and examining the underlying stagnation of energy, the block can be successfully removed.  This technique will allow one to heal continually in an ongoing basis.  It will assist in removal of negative mindsets that have evolved into destructive patterns which often derail relationships, damage self-esteem and cost valuable opportunities.
The Health of the Mind and Spirit are played out on the canvas of everyday life.
Negative mindsets can undermine and destroy relationships, opportunities and the health of the body.  
Without the Body, the Spirit has no home.
Use this powerful teaching to move forward in YOUR LIFE today!
Kinetic Forgiveness™

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