Don’t Go Damming Up The Flow… is so important to keep fresh energy in circulation in our lives.  It is what carries in new opportunities, new blessings–and it carries out old, outdated ways of being.  But what happens when we “dam up the flow”?  No new energy can come to us.  No old energy can be whisked away.  And so, life becomes stagnant.  Stagnant water breeds disease–so does stagnation in the body and mind. 

Holding fast onto the sense of “being right” or  “not going to budge on this one” only creates a roadblock in your life.  Of course, you should never do something that you know is not right-but with that being said, I believe that we should be gentle and easily swaying, kind of like a palm tree.  Take a look at some of the old oak trees in the woodlands of Virginia and think for a moment how they would fare in Florida during a category four hurricane.  Not too well, right?  They would most certainly snap under all of the pressure–because they are too rigid to bend.

Well, thankfully God made us to be like palm trees.  When the storms of life blow in, we can bend until the tips of our branches are sweeping against the ground-but when the storm is over…..we have not been snapped in two.  We are still in one piece! 

God never promised us that this life would be easy–probably because He cannot tell a lie.  This life is NOT easy-if it were easy, we wouldn’t learn anything, right?  But that doesn’t mean that we have to run around all over the planet gushing on and on about how “rough” our life is.  What we speak is what we create.  Remember that old bible verse in Genesis?  God said “Let there be light.”  And there was light.  And the light was good.  Well, let’s stop right there for a moment–God SAID.  He didn’t think it.  He didn’t gripe about how it was before he called the light into being.  He called something that was not into being by His words.  The words of our mouths are powerful.  And they create every thing that is around us-and within us.

Did you know that it is a proven fact that even if you’re in a “bad mood”–if you smile (force yourself to make the motion, go ahead–I know you’re following along, here)….If you force a smile to spread wide across your face and you hold it there for a few minutes, no matter what “mood” you were in or what “kind” of day it had been for you up to this point–YOUR BODY WILL BEGIN TO MAKE THE CHEMICALS THAT CREATE THE FEELING OF HAPPINESS!  That’s right-God made our bodies wonderfully and marvelously.  And He made our minds like vast landscapes so that we can think what we think in total freedom.  But when you find that your “freedom of thought” is putting you into a world of hurt–it’s time to put the brakes on and head out in a new direction.

The bible says that we need to call things that are not as though they are and by the words of our mouth, according to God’s Law–we will bring those things that are not into the material.  I was watching a nice Joyce Meyer last night–and she talked about Jesus and how He can only do what our mouths will confess that He can do in our lives.

Isn’t that amazing?  The things we are griping about and harping on and on and on about–and the rigidity we hold in ourselves actually work to PREVENT THE LORD FROM BLESSING US.  We need to watch the tongue, become more flexible and less easily offended–and we need to speak the blessings of the Lord over our Lives!  We need to stand up with our God given tongues and confess that He is Lord and Saviour of our lives and thank Him for all that He is doing right now to change those things in our lives that need changing!  Joyce illustrated that we need to declare a blessing over everything we can possibly bless every single day!  I believe that this will keep the energy flowing and it keeps our tongue in right standing with the Lord.  Oh, and we need to be nice to people–because God didn’t create us to judge, criticize, hurt and hate one another–He created us to give HIM glory. 

How much glory are your words and actions giving God today?


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