Call Forth Your Faith & Lay Down Your Blame!

 This beautiful bible verse talks about Abraham’s faith in God’s promise that he would be a father to many nations.  Now everything in the material world was screaming no way!  But somewhere in Abraham’s heart was the trust in God that somehow it would come to pass.  Now, Abraham could have chosen a different way of thinking, couldn’t he?  He could have done what we oftentimes do.  He could have doubted.  But he didn’t.
Imagine how easy it would have been  for him to lose faith and begin to doubt God’s word.  He was over a hundred years old!  Sarah was, too!  She had a deadened womb and by all earthly terms-he would have no seed left at this age!  But he called things that were not as though they were.
When we blame others for our pain-we are using the same principle but we are using it backwards and it’s detrimental to our well-being.  It hampers our growth.  Every time we blame our pain on the person “we know” caused it—we are calling that which is not to be as though it were.  Because honestly, even though you may think “so-and-so” did this awful thing that caused you so much grief in your life; you lived a long time before that occurred and have lived some time since it occurred.  This means that maybe just maybe your own actions in some way perpetuated the event.
 And even if your actions didn’t-and even if you’re completely right about that person instigating the event-it’s not godly to continue to blame them and hold bitterness toward them.  Unless, of course you want to doom yourself to more and more pain just like what you’re experiencing.  And that, my dear brothers and sisters is a choice.  It is a choice we all have to make for ourselves.  But if we choose to use this bible verse in the correct manner to bring healing and prosperity to ourselves through faith, then we are allowing The Inner Alchemist to transform that dirty old rock of a situation into a shining diamond of opportunity.

[1] Romans 4:17 (God declared that Abraham would be the father to many nations. )

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