Well, think of this; a coworker does something insensitive at work and greatly offends you and puts you in an awkward position with a supervisor.  You are professional, you are responsible and so you refrain from reacting to this action.  You refrain from smacking your coworker off their swivel chair into the floor.  Well, good job-nobody got injured.  Or did they?  You are still carrying around that anger and irritation toward this person, even though you aren’t expressing it outwardly.  Where do you think this energy goes as you are driving home, fixing dinner and watching television that night? Perhaps you are still actively  thinking about the event and replaying it in your mind.  Perhaps you experience vivid angry emotions toward your coworker which you suppress, in order to have peace. 
But that’s just it.  You don’t have peace.  You have lack of conflict.  But the inside of you, your mind, your connective tissue, your chakra system have to deal with these emotions.  And so they are stored in your brain (the amygdale and hippocampus), in the matrix of your myofascial tissue (physical body) and in your chakra system, most likely in your solar plexus chakra and perhaps your root chakra, if the event was as such that it posed a threat to your job (which would affect your survival system). 
This energy not only bombards the solar plexus and possibly the root chakra, but it has another impact on your chakra system.  It causes a blockage in your throat chakra.  Because you are suppressing these emotions which your system finds poisonous, you will become less able to express yourself because of the throat chakra blockage.  You begin to have backaches, headaches and you may even start to come down with laryngitis frequently. 
Some people disregard the chakra system as unimportant in the physical body, but that is a grave misinterpretation of their roles in maintaining balance and health in the body systems.  We are much more than an intelligent sac of water held upright by bones and having the ability to reason.  We are much more than just a body.  Our body is our vessel for getting around on the earth plane and just like a car, we must take care of it so that we can get to where we’re going without breaking down.

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