Coping With Stress Successfully Sometimes, it’s possible that we just have too much information, too many events that are flooding our minds and bodies with stresses that simply can’t be dealt with effectively. That’s why it’s so important for each of us to know what our bodies and minds need. Just like we sleep each night so that our bodies can regenerate and heal–it’s also just as important that we take time spiritually to connect with our source to allow for spiritual and mental healing to take place. When we do not take the time to rest and do things that are healthy for ourselves, we begin burn out.
Spending time with friends (who don’t stress us out) is a great way to unplug from stress and allow ourselves some healing time. Meditation is effective in reducing the amount of overall stress that we carry in our bodies. Prayer and spirituality offer us possibly the greatest possibility of regeneration on all levels and fulfills many of our emotional needs, as well.
We have to learn to respect the needs of our bodies and our emotional needs, as well. Studies have shown that our attitudes affect our health and the way our bodies deal with stress. It has been shown that people with optimistic attitudes suffer far less with physical manifestations of stress such as lower functioning immune systems , as well as mental and emotional manifestations which include depression.
In short, take time for yourself. Spend time with optimistic people and become more optimistic yourself. Also, don’t underestimate the power of prayer in your daily life!


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