Reconciling Our Present Moment

The first part of reconciling your present moment is defining your prison.  Who or what is imprisoning you?  Are you stuck in a dead end job that you can’t stand?  Is your marriage a listless, lifeless way of passing the time? Has your body gotten away from you, and now you are sitting there in an overweight state in a body that has grown exponentially for no outward reason?  Okay, good we’ve defined the prison.  Now for the escape.
Escaping the prisons of our life are not as simple as flying as quickly as we can in the opposite direction of our fears, or building up layers and layers of protective numbness between ourselves and our world.  Escaping the prison is first in defining it, which we have done–and now, tracing those roots backwards in time–to the ancient places when incorrect thoughts took root in us without our knowing and started to grow.

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