Kindness Matters few days ago our A/C went out in the house.  Talk about hot!  It has been miserable and the temps have been over 100 each day.  I have a wonderful person in my life who surprised me last evening-not only did he let us borrow a unit he had, but he actually BOUGHT me a brand new one to go along with it!  This amazing act of kindness really made me look at my world differently.

I hadn’t asked him to do that.  I hadn’t even mentioned anything like that–the thought actually had never occurred to me, but I realized as I was driving home last night that the thought had occurred to God.  Of course, I am thankful to my wonderful friend for doing this-but I’m amazed that God was thinking about my (and my family’s) suffering in the heat enough to put it into someon else’s heart and mind to do this kindness for us.

I drove home with a very tender heart toward both him and toward God.  But I am in awe of God, because as amazingly divine as our creator is, He looks upon our suffering and He cares.  So the next time you have a feeling or a thought that you should do something uncannily good for someone-act on it!  It is God who is trying to do a good work through you!  And believe me, when you do–you will be showing the recipient of your kindness the Heart of God.  And that’s something we all need to see more of in one another.


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