FORGIVENESS IS A WONDERFUL THING! IS A WONDERFUL THING!  Receiving forgiveness allows us to let go of self hatred and self-limitation.  It gives us the certainty of a better tomorrow and the hope of all things possible.  Giving Forgiveness allows a deeper sense of healing from traumatic past events that can secretly hold us hostage to fears, limiting beliefs and poisonous mindsets.

Remember that the old adage still holds true even in the area of forgiveness:  It is better to give than to receive.  While receiving is important, as well–I believe that GIVING forgiveness is the key that opens the door to TRUE FREEDOM in our lives.  If we are able to let go of anger and resentment, we are so much better able to glide past the obstacles of today and on through the fields of greener pastures tomorrow.

At the same time, if we are denied forgiveness for a shortcoming by someone we have unintentionally (or in some cases, intentionally hurt) this doesn’t indicate complete stagnation in our lives.  We can take the first step and graciously and gently forgive ourselves for that offense-while diligently praying for the other person’s heart to heal from the trauma.  God allows healing on all levels to occur when we come to Him and ask for it.
I encourage you to spend fifteen minutes with God-ask Him to show you if there is anyone who is hurting because of something you may have said or done.  Ask Him to help you see it and to move forward in your life by acknowledging the offense and by asking the person He points out to you for forgiveness.  Also, tell Him how you are feeling-tell Him how you have been hurt by the actions of another.  Remember, God is
the Great Healer of All Wounds-He is the Changer of Times, He is the Remover of Obstacles and He is the Inner Alchemist of our heart, mind and Spirit.  Allow Him to do a work in you today.  You, the ones you love and all of the earth will benefit from that one simple choice.

I encourage you to read the book that is advertised in this Blog Post-not because I am the author-but because it holds a deep message of forgiveness that I believe will help you in your quest for freedom from past wounds.

May God bless you Today & Always.


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