BE GENTLE-THINK GENTLE gentle is often an overlooked necessity to a happy life.  If we are gentle and we walk in gentleness then the world around us feels a little bit softer.  We are surrounded by things that embrace us back, instead of those that cause abrasions.

In order to walk with gentleness-we have to soften our heart and our mind.  This means that we let go of judging harsh rights and wrongs that are scattered in our paths.  We, instead opt to stay out of that game and leave all of that to God.  In this way, we become more like the “observer” in our world-and observing a situation gives us a cushion of protection against whatever it is that we are “observing” so that we are protected and remain passive and gentle.

What does it bring us to walk in harsh criticisms and judgments all day long?  Besides the throbbing migraine, I mean.  Nothing.  It brings us nothing.  It alienates those who need a shoulder.  It alienates those who need to see a light-because when we walk in judgment and harsh criticisms we are blocking our own light from shining forth into the world.  We are using negativity to darken our lantern-and remember, our lantern not only shows others the light inside of us, but it also lights our path in life.  So, refrain from the judgments and attitudes that block out the light-if not, the path set before your feet will become a winding road that is entangled with jagged briars that you cannot see…all alone in the dark with only your harsh criticisms to guide you.


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