AS IRON SHARPENS IRON…… iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. -Proverbs 27:17

If we think of our ability to help one another to evolve into that which was God’s vision for us at the moment of our creation–it opens the door to deeper reflection.

We can gently keep each other on track by holding one another accountable and reminding one another of God’s Love for us and His plan for our lives–this is sharpening, and both parties become better, sharper-more grounded and more focused.

Taking this too far and we whittle away at each other, sanding each other to bits…Too much friction caused by constant judgment, disapproval and criticism of one another will definitely lead to breaking and not sharpening.  Remember, it isn’t OUR responsibility to JUDGE–it is OUR responsibility to COMFORT by showing and reflecting the Love of Jesus on our faces and in our Lives.

Being in constant prayer for ourselves and those among us means that we are utilizing our God Given power to change lives and influence greatness in the world.  It’s easy to become jaded here on earth.  Especially when we don’t get what we want-or when someone doesn’t do what we think they should or WE want them to.  It goes one step farther when WE bring God into the picture by painting a picture where ourselves and God are standing together in judgment of someone’s actions.  God is the Judge-He doesn’t need our help.  And NONE of us are without sin.

I believe that God wants to touch the lives of every person with the tender tips of His fingers-caressing our hearts with His Love, touching our minds with His divine guidance and preparing the way for our feet to travel.  Let us be as the bible says we should-so that our words and actions sharpen one another instead of tearing one another apart.  Let’s allow the gentleness of the Heart and Mind of Christ to shine out and be reflected in our lives and echoed off our tongues as we speak His name to those who are lost.

Lost puppies don’t always return home and neither do the Lost Children of God……But if we allow God to shine the Light of His face upon ours–then we can move through this life as a lighthouse, a beacon to draw in all who are lost……reuniting our lost brothers and sisters with Our Father……


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