Healing From Within

One of the most frequent questions I hear is “How can I speed up the healing process?”  It’s difficult to be suffering painful effects of a trauma such as a breakup, the loss of a loved one or a financial loss and not become bogged down by all of the hurt.

We must remember that even in the darkest of storms, there is a calm within us-a lighthouse, that God has placed within each of us that will show you the place of peace when you are being tossed about in the throes of a trauma.  That place is always there-it is always available and that light will always lead you inward, toward God when you seek to find it.

God understands that traumatic events that happen in our lives cause disruption within and throughout all of our bodies and minds.  It can shake our spirit from its firm foundation, if we allow it.  Remembering that God is all powerful-and nothing upon this earth can overcome Him is a good first step toward peace.

When we seek things like approval from others, material things and even the numbing effects of a narcotic for emotional pain-we are simply putting a bandaid on our wound.  But that bandaid isn’t keeping contaminants out-it is breeding toxic denial which will cause our problems to grow and expand.  Healing doesn’t come from outside things-it comes from the inside.  It comes from within us-It comes from God.  And that is where He is–WITHIN US–

……And He is always seeking to carry our burdens, ease our pain and smooth out the pathways we tread with our tender, broken feet.  There is no end to His Love-There is no pain that He cannot take away and there is Nothing that this world strikes upon us that He cannot lift.

He wants us to recognize that He is not an outside source of comfort that we must drive to a church to receive.  He wants to remind us that He is within us-each of us.  And His loving grace is sufficient for any and all pain we are stumbling through in our lives.  Healing from within is profound-and it is God that is providing the healing even during the pain of the storm.

Don’t turn to outside remedies when your heart is broken-turn inward and move toward that Great Lighthouse that is always glowing with love.  You will find that not only are you moving toward Him–He is also moving toward You.


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