Allowing Transformation by Using Your Gifts is a frightening thing-definitely to some more than to others.  It is vital, however that we allow ourselves to change and to grow in order to become all that we are intended to be.  We grow as individuals through struggles and difficult times in life-and we celebrate our victories upon the tops of the mountains we have climbed.

God is with us in the valleys and on the peaks.  He is by our sides when we are feeling crushed by the weight of the world and He is standing on the top of the mountain as we breathe in the feeling of victory.  If we can remember this and allow ourselves to trust in His timing and His judgment for our lives-we will find ourselves being able to climb much quicker and stumble much less often.

The person we are when we begin our journey in life bears little resemblence to who we have become as our life unfolds and we meet the challenges of the ever mounting responsiblities of the dynamics of life.  We are matured and polished by the “rough spots” in life and we are sculpted lovingly into the creation that He envisioned at the moment of our conception.

The gifts we have are to help others–and our lives will feel much happier and lighter to us when we use them for that purpose.  I am a massage therapist and I have to tell you, I absolutely love my profession.  I feel God’s love for the people I connect with every day.  I can see their struggles through the impact that stresses have had upon their bodies and I can hear the exasperation in their voices when they share with me stories of their lives.  And when I begin to work on a client-I can feel the rushing surge of the power of God’s love as it flows through me and into the person on my table.  I trust that feeling that my client is receiving healing-not from me, but from God in their bodies and spirits through the gift of massage that I have been given.  Not a day goes by that I do not thank Him for the precious gift of allowing me to touch His children with healing love as I raise them up before Him in prayer as I perform my massage.  It is a precious thing to me-to have received the Grace of God and to feel His presence so powerfully radiant as He lays His hands upon mine, guiding me to the areas of his children that are in need of healing.

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