Getting Your Mind Off Autopilot – Reclaiming Your Purpose In Life you ever feel that sense of being disconnected from your own life because the tasks you are required to perform are taking over and stifling your dynamic sense of freedom?  This, I believe happens to most of us when we begin to feel overwhelmed with our daily lives.  The stresses of having to conform to everything that everyone around you desires you to be is daunting.
Realizing that you are dynamic and ever changing is the first step to reclaiming your life.  The second is to do everything-and FEEL everything KINETICALLY.  Love Kinetic, Forgive Kinetic, Dream Kinetic!  Kinetic means in action.  So to experience life kinetically is to take the controls to your day back from the situations around you and live IN the moment, instead of being carried along on the tide of each passing moment as you watch your day drift by-on autopilot.
Everyone’s job can become stagnant, no matter what profession you are in-and that will cause your days to drag by.  Consciously offering up the fruit of your work in your job as a service to the Kingdom of God will melt that stagnant feeling and transform it into a living stream of energy that will invigorate you and connect you to your higher purpose.  It will also connect you to God and to others.  You will realize a sense of freedom in your work that maybe you felt long ago, when you first took the position-or first started the company.  The quality of your work will improve because you are presenting it and creating it for a greater cause than that of mediocre repetition. 
When you are living and working in this manner-other areas in your life cannot help but to be affected.  And like a metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly, you also will find your wings-and those wings will carry you higher and higher and closer and closer to your greatest destiny and the reason  that God created you ON PURPOSE.


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