Have You Really Forgiven Your Enemy?

http://rcm.amazon.com/e/cm?t=kinethealiemb-20&o=1&p=8&l=bpl&asins=B004X6OUQW&fc1=000000&IS2=1&lt1=_blank&m=amazon&lc1=1F645F&bc1=000000&bg1=FFFFFF&f=ifrOf course, we all like to believe that we have become pros at forgiving the actions of others.  Either that, or we are proud of how tightly we can cling to resentments and how much we are certain that our refusal to forgive a certain situation will make that person miserable.  We don’t often stop and consider what is the absolute truth in these actions.

The absolute truth is that in order for US to receive forgiveness of OUR shortcomings–we MUST forgive ALL others for THEIRS.  And it doesn’t matter the offense against us.  Small inconveniences are much easier to forgive than large catastrophic events-so when we begin our practice of Kinetic Forgiveness, it is always a good idea to start with the smaller things and work our way up.  Once we have grasped the wondrous concept of Freedom Through Forgiveness-we will get ourselves out of the choppy waters of resentment and anger and we will begin to sail much more smoothly through our lives.

One of the important things to remember in Learning to Forgive Like God is that WE have memories of the offense-and God does not.  This doesn’t mean that we should block the memories of the event we are forgiving from our mind, that will only harbor infectious wounds and allow tiny micro-grudges to block healing.  Instead, we must use these memories as gauges to test our forgiveness levels on a consistent basis.  After all, removing the emotional element from the memory is what creates Forgiveness in a Kinetic capacity.

As you move through your practice of Kinetic Forgiveness-you must often reflect backwards (which is opposite of what most techniques teach, I know)–but this is the way to keep the forgiveness alive.  You must practice detaching the emotion from the memory conciously with God’s help daily until the time when you call up the memory and there is no negative emotion that comes up with it.  This is how you KNOW that you have FORGIVEN.  And this WILL happen-but like every other concious practice of self-evolution-IT TAKES TIME AND REPETITION to get it right.

Compassion is at the forefront of every successful forgiveness practice.  Without compassion, you will block God’s message to you about how the other person in the situation felt or was going through at the time of the event.  And by blocking that-you block forgiveness.  This is how forgiveness becomes hollow, stagnant and dead-and this is when forgiveness is just dialog in your mind and on your tongue, but has absolutely NO healing power for your life whatsoever.

I am not saying these things to you to bring you down, or to make you feel badly.  I am saying these things because it is the messages given to me by God to bring to his children.  We pray so fervently for healing to take place in our lives-but when He answers us with something new and amazing like the practice of Kinetic Forgiveness, we must listen with our hearts and our ears.

The book, Kinetic Forgiveness is available now on my website and will be coming to Barnes & Noble, etc soon.  Coming soon to Amazon, Barnes & Noble and wherever books are sold.  Click HERE to get your copy today.

HAVE YOU REALLY FORGIVEN YOUR ENEMY?  If you become angry, hurt, anxious or troubled when you call up the memory of the event-and that emotion is toward the individual that you believe caused it, then you haven’t truly forgiven them and your life is NOT healing from the negative experience.  Find FREEDOM from the pain of resentment today and pick up YOUR copy of Kinetic Forgiveness.  Healing Power is at your fingertips-all you have to do is reach out.


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