From My Personal Collection I AM DEFIANT

I am defiant.  I am defiant of the waves of oppression that continually knock me to my knees.  I am defiant of the hoards of critics who say “you cannot”.  I stand and face the wind as opposed to buckling beneath it.  I do this not of my own power-but because He that is within me is Greater than He who is in the world. 
The power I have to stand is given to me by my Father in Heaven.  And if He says, “stand child-you will not fall.  Walk child, you will not stumble.  Rest child, I will not forsake you,”  then I will take those words into my heart and I will move as He instructs.  For I know the greatest secret of all.  He that has created me has certainly dreamed better and more wondrous paths for me in His heart than I shall ever find the power to create within my own. 
And so I will trust His voice and I will follow His words and I will watch as the chains that have bound me for so long are shattered and cast aside.  I will be ever humbled by His gracious love for me and the Glory of His name will shine forth for all to bear witness.  For the greatest freedom in life is to give oneself fully and completely as we surrender ourselves into the perfect Love of God. 
In this life, we become vessels of our own creation.  But, I say it is better to soften our hardened hearts and minds, to become once again the clay-soft and pliable, gentle and accepting.  And to humbly place all that we are in the powerful palm of His hand in order that we may become a changed creature. 
Blessed are we that are taken apart from the world.  We who are molded, sculpted, created and perfectly placed upon the earth by the Hand of He who has endeavored to create the world and then to love it and all of those in it, despite the sad perplexity of our strong and continual resistance. 
His heart teaches perfect love, His mind teaches perfect thoughts and His hand directs our feet upon paths made perfect by the completeness of His great plan for our lives.  This miraculous transformation becomes the sole act of surrendering into the Greatness of God – taking in every breath in waves of  the heightened expectation of His next awesome gift as we learn to give back unto Him more of the Love that He has so freely given to all of us.

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