What I Learned from A Bee….

My story of the day…..
I got up this morning and piddled around the house doing Sunday morning things for a little while before realizing that I would need to go to the store.  I drove into town and picked up all of the things on my list and headed back home.  It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining brilliantly with a warm breeze blowing so I rolled my window down.  About two thirds of the way home I felt a distinct thud against my cheekbone as a yellow jacket was blown into the truck.  I looked in the side view mirror of the truck and leaned out and could see him hanging onto my hair with all of his little legs.  Hello adrenaline.  I couldn’t very well stop the truck and beat my head on the steering wheel until the bee was  either freed or killed, so I continued driving-keeping a watch on him still hanging in my hair.  I tried fluffing my hair into the wind by hanging my head partially out of the window as I speeded up-but that only twisted my hair and the bee became lost in the tangles.  Crap! Now what?  All of the way home I imagined that this bee was slowly inching his way upwards along that lock of hair and that he was going to sting me.  Nonetheless, I did not panic, I just worried and drove quickly with my head hanging out the window.  I’m sure that was quite a sight for all of the cars I was meeting on that road.  Finally, the road narrowed into the long country stretch that would lead me home.  I had to slow down because it is mountainous and winding.  But I didn’t like that.  I kept peering at my hair in the reflection of my side view mirror trying to catch a glimpse of that stupid bee that I was sure was very angry by now, and probably just coming to after his impact with the side of my face earlier.  I couldn’t see him, but I could see the tangle where I imagined that he was caught up.  After a few tense minutes I made it home and careened down my driveway.  I slammed on the brakes and threw the truck in first gear and literally leapt out the door.  I did a fervent speed walk from the driveway into the house with my head dangling to the left to try to keep the bee that I was convinced was planning to sting me from getting further toward my face.  I yelled for help and help came quickly to assist in de-beeing my long hair.  However; there was no bee found.  I know he WAS in there when I first looked out the window into the side view mirror, but apparently one of the gusts of wind had sucked him out the window without me knowing.  I brushed my hair like a madwoman, thinking that I was going to dislodge this little kamikaze with malicious intent from my tangled locks, but after brushing  revealed no bee-I just had to kind of laugh at myself a little bit.
And then, God spoke to me and he said you know how you got all upset over that bee and you were sure it would sting you even when you couldn’t see it, you just KNEW it was going to somehow get you?  Well, the bee and the danger was gone-taken care of but you were still reacting to that fear and the belief that you were in danger.  I began to see that it’s like that with other dangers in our lives, too.  We see a perceived danger and we are immediately convinced that it’s got us by the leg-when, in fact it could have already been taken care of.  I guess God was trying to teach me to relax a little and stop reacting so much to my perception of danger and trust him to get the bee out of my hair, so to speak.  I don’t know if this helps anybody else or not, but the next time a large yellow jacket is sucked into your vehicle and becomes lodged in your hair, I hope you will think about this lesson in fear.  I reacted all the way home to this bee in my hair, when obviously he had been sucked back out the window a long time before I got to the driveway.  This made me realize that we also continue reacting in fear based ways to things that have already been resolved in our lives-keeping that adrenaline and all of those stress hormones pumping through our bloodstream.  This was a lesson to me to trust God with those dangers that I fear but can’t see so that I can have the peace that He intended for me.  I hope you will enjoy the peace that He has intended for you, as well.  May God Bless You & Keep You In All Ways.

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