Moving Forward & Letting Go

“I will not lie down with a breaking heart lost in the throes of human regret. I will not surrender to the fear of being alone. I refuse to waste the present chasing after a shadowy mirage of happiness that may have existed someplace in my past. All I have-all any of us has is today. Life does not move in reverse. Nothing worth keeping could possibly have been left behind if it was for my good anyway, so I choose to allow every good opportunity free access to my life. I choose to accept and embrace every blessing that God rains down upon me with an uplifted heart, recognizing that His dreams for me are much bigger and better than any I could imagine for myself. “

So many times in life we are reminded of past failures and shortcomings in life that have come with a high cost. It is easy to fall into the self-resentment rut, but that is exactly what the enemy wants us to do. That’s why he reminds us so fervently about the things that have hurt us the most. He wants us to harbor hatred toward ourselves because if we are caught up in self-loathing, God’s light cannot shine through us. Today is the day to lay down those heavy burdens that tether you to the past. Understand that you have taken with you the living part of the experience, which is knowledge-but the pain was never meant to be held onto. Decide that today is the day that you are going to close that door and seal it, walking away a free person. Let go of the fear and pain and live in the now-where life is in constant evolution and opportunities exist to propel you into your highest potential.


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