Releasing The Need To Judge


There is absolutely no way in the world that you can convince one individual that their way of looking at a situation is not THE only viewpoint there is-or at least the only CORRECT viewpoint, anyway.  I have come to realize that as a Christian woman, I have to get over myself quite a bit in an ongoing basis if I am to be useful in God’s Kingdom at all.  Little things trip us up.  We read the bible and we KNOW what it says IS truth-but sometimes we just plainly forget the rest of the instruction which is DO NOT JUDGE.  It’s difficult not to judge!  Man is it ever!  We, as human beings have something to say about everything we witness.  We tote around canisters with huge labels on them and one by one we dissect and pick up pieces of the world and place them into these containers and we think we’re right.  But we’re not.  We’re not even close.  If we can somehow manage to keep our heads out where the sun can beam down upon them long enough, then God will show us HIS viewpoint on situations.  This is where we will actually become useful as a tool to bring others to Christ.
So long as we are running about on the planet judging and condemning others in the name of God-we are doing a disservice to His kingdom which I believe we will all have to answer for one day.  Jesus didn’t come so we could have a soapbox to stand on.  He came so that we can ALL have life and have it everlasting.  That includes rapists, adulterers, prostitutes, killers, liars and any other group you can possibly think of in which to stuff an individual.  Just because we sit in church doesn’t mean we are one inch closer to the Grace of God than someone else who perhaps isn’t in church at all.  It’s time to wake up and get over ourselves already.  Instead of spending all of our time being offended and opinionated about every bit of information that flows through our consciousness-let’s try this.  Let’s just be quiet, show love and let God do His job.  He doesn’t need us to tell others when they are wrong.  He needs us to break the bondage of those who are lost by showing them His Love for them!  I believe that Christians behaviors in the world today are achieving more in the way of filling the vacancies in hell with lost souls than all of the devil’s henchmen put together because we refuse to accept and love others in spite of their actions.  What if God was like that?  What if He didn’t accept you?  Certainly you are no more perfect than I or anyone else roaming around the planet.  What if He behaved toward US the way WE behave toward others?!  Talk about a scary thought, huh? 
Think about it.  Who is signing your payroll-spiritually I mean, if you are running around condemning actions that you don’t agree on.  “But it’s based on biblical truths.”  Yes it is.  Some things are wrong.  A lot of things are wrong-but who are we to judge?  Who are we to judge a homosexual for their actions?  Do you not have an addict, an unwed mother or an adulterer in your family that you love?  Come on, resist the urge to be offended and grasp this.  No matter who we are or how often we are in church or how many congregations we speak to in a year’s time-we are no better or closer to God’s Love than one that is lost in the depths of their own destruction.  In fact, we are equal to every other human being that has ever been born to walk upon the earth.  The difference is that we know God’s Love and it is now our responsibility to share that with every other person we possibly can.  Are you doing your part?  Am I doing mine?  How is that for a realization?
Every time I am tempted to feel negatively toward a person because of their actions, I am reminded that it is going to be terribly difficult to explain that behavior to the Living God when there is NO explanation.  God does not make mistakes.  You are not a mistake, I am not a mistake-and neither is anybody else.  In my small town of Elkton, Virginia I am ashamed to say are a dumptruck load of Christian Judges who wave bibles and sling condemnation in the name of God toward people who are caught in a life of homosexuality.  And yet I would be very surprised if I witnessed them going home and slinging the same condemnation upon themselves when they practice sin by watching unsuitable television programs or filling their bellies to overflowing at the local IHOP.  Nor would I expect to find any of them on their soapbox when it comes to their sons and daughters who manufacture and sell methamphetamines or give birth to fatherless children that they then neglect to care for.  I am not a perfect creature, myself.  Surely I have done many things that could have and would have sent my soul spiraling into hell had I not found the Love of God in my life.  That love is what changes people.  That love is what changes the heart and the nature of the person.  Then, and only then can the actions of the person change.  If you want to serve God-show his children you love them, more importantly-show His children that HE loves them.  Stop being a pawn of the devil and start being an advocate for Christ.

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