What is The Pain Body?

“There are two levels of pain: the pain that you create now, and the pain of the past that still lives on in your mind and body. This of course includes the pain that you suffer as a child, caused by the unconsciousness of the world into which you were born. The accumulated  pain is a negative energy field that occupies your body and mind.  If you look at it as an invisible entity in its own right, you are getting quite close to the truth – It’s the emotional Pain-Body.” –Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power of Now.

So, basically when it comes right down to it we are an intricate system of memories located within a larger system of memories which is connected outwardly to the world and dynamically to every other individual and their experiences.  Thinking about ourselves on the quantum level we are to visualize a vast space of nothingness with a few specks and flashes of light that randomly occur and then dissipate back into emptiness.  We are, after all 99.999% empty space.  Well, everything is.  The universe as we know it exists only as an interpretation that our conciousness is able to construct out of that same nothingness.

How is it, then that we experience so many patterns in our lives?  Poorly developed relationships, divorces, negatively charged events that seem to hold tight to a theme like waves that crash violently upon the shore again and again cause us to shake our heads and blame bad luck for everything that happens to us.  But what if we are the what that happens to us?  What if events before our cognitive adolescence constructed patterns within us on a cellular level that act as a program on a computer system with a specific set of instructions that repeat over and over and over again in our lives?

I believe that this is exactly what happens.  Imagine your life and yourself as a computer.  When you turn it on for the very first time, you have to decide what programming you will use.  Just like Windows runs our desktop computers seamlessly with a list of instructions and variable conclusions-our lives begin quite a bit alike.  We are born into the world in the same way.  But then, just like when we open that new computer-we have to decide what operating system will run it, the people who are entrusted to care for us inevitably “program” us as teenie babies–and give us the basis on which to act and react throughout our lives.

Various events, traumas, excitement and life experiences act as add-on programs that integrate themselves into our basic program and keep building our patterns of action and reaction as time goes on.  But what gives those events that power?  Our subconcious mind.  In every moment of our lives, our subconscious mind is eavesdropping on our thoughts and feelings and writing data code onto the covering of our cells.  This is cellular memory.  Imagine this, when you touch a hot stove for the first time when you are four years old and burn the tips of your fingers, this event creates a file in your cellular memory which works to prevent that from happening again.  Never again in your life will you lay your hand gingerly on the top of a hot stove-at least not by choice.  Before you even touch a cool stove again your body prepares for the pain of the burn.

It is basically the same principle that applies across the board when we are talking about cellular memory imprints and the pain-body systems.  When we don’t allow experiences to move through us because we block them by thinking thoughts such as “if this happens I won’t survive it” or “I can’t deal with this situation” we are in a sense “preventing” this energy from moving.  The event still happens, of course-we can’t stop time.  But we freeze the energy of that moment in our system.  This blockage effects the flow of energy through our meridians which ultimately effects our physical body either in an organ or a muscle, etc.

CellularMemory.Org explains the effects of the pain body this way: “The Pain-Body can be released when we transform the stagnant NEC in our system. We digest NEC when we fully acknowledge and allow our feelings, without reactivity, and without judging ourselves, for the way we feel. While practicing this work, you will be consciously visiting your energy field, perhaps for the first time in your life. You will be bringing awareness to your mental and emotional reality. It is not the expression of the emotions that is relevant, it is owning them, being present to them. Not because they are “your” emotions,  but because they are happening in you “now”.   And when you accept fully  what is happening in the now, it passes through you; it doesn’t get stuck.”

With all of this knowledge about the what and the why of the pain body and its resulting patterns in our lives we are still left with one paralyzing question. What do we do about it?  Well, it takes some work.  Each blockage can be identified and experienced “in the now” as we release the negative emotions and become merely a witness to the events that created them.  This the premise for my book Kinetic Forgiveness.


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