Toxicity In The Mind / Toxicity In The Body (Part One)

Part One:  Becoming The Observer

Toxic thoughts create the release of toxic chemicals known as stress hormones in our bodies.  The energy of anger and resentment is a powerful trigger for these neurotransmitters.  Over time, a buildup of toxic energies in our minds and bodies inevitably lead to illness.  Every body is different and so is every mind, however the way in which the health of our bodies respond to these toxic stressors are remarkably similar across the board.  If you want to be a healthier person then you must adopt healthier thoughts. 

Eliminating toxicity in your thought life seems daunting when you imagine how many thoughts you think in a single day.  Managing these thoughts (and by doing so-your health) is however essential for change and guarantees that you will reap a harvest of rewards in all areas of your life.

As a teacher and mind/body wellness practitioner I recommend that you start broad and narrow as you go.  This means that you begin by becoming “The Observer” in your life.  This doesn’t mean that you are taking a back seat and giving up control over where your life is going.  Actually, quite the opposite.  It truly gives you a much better ability to steer past potential obstacles that could get you “stuck” in wrong thinking and repetitive mistakes.

Becoming the observer is a simple concept that only requires intention and reinforcement.  When you wake up in the morning on day one of this practice-simply say to yourself “I am only observing today-Not judging.”  As your day progresses keep a mental tab of how many times you characteristically attempt to judge an event or situation.  You will find that it happens A LOT more than you realized at the onset of this practice.  Every time you feel a judgment thought rising up in your mind, simply remind yourself that you are observing only and let go of the judgment. Start out with one day, or even one morning or afternoon and gradually expand until you have the hang of it.

By allowing the information and energy of events to flow through you without attaching judgment and labels to it will prevent it from becoming “stuck” in your energy field.  What happens when we make a judgment on an event is this:

  1. An Event Occurs
  2. We Attach A Label/Judgment
  3. By Labeling We Attach An Emotion To The Event/Situation
  4. This Emotional Attachment Carries The Toxicity of The Event Into Our Energy System
  5. This Event bonds to an already established energy blockage (from previous labeling & attachment sometimes even from early childhood experiences.)
  6. The energy blockage becomes bigger and now involves even more toxicity
  7. This toxic energy operates in the subcionscious levels by attracting similar events and circumstances to our lives and setting up negative patterning
  8. The Patterns it creates feels like something out of our control “bad luck, karma, Murphy’s Law”
  9. We judge the pattern which creates more toxicity and only adds to the problem
  10. We experience “more of the same” in our lives (bad relationships, money issues etc.)
  11. We attach emotion to each of these new events and the cycle repeats

So, you see the first step is non-judgment because it stops the cycle from repeating and prevents us from adding more toxicity to the blockages that are already in place.  The next step is removal of these toxic buildups.  But for now, concentrate on practicing non-judgement.  Remember to be The Observer. 

In a few weeks we will move on to step two: Removing Toxicity & Breaking Down Barriers


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