Sometimes I find myself becoming a little harsh and judgmental toward others – especially with all of the needless violence it seems we are hearing about every day.  I find that when I move too far over into that area I am far less able to extend compassion and far more likely to pass judgment instead.  And it really is the little things that start to remind me to do a little inventory check.  So, I begin by bringing to mind occasions when I have been mean to someone for no reason – or when I have been a little dishonest or when I have said something hurtful to someone.  I think a

Sending Rainbow Healingbout that – and then I think about what they must have been feeling about me during that time and I am reminded that Grace isn’t something we can receive and hold onto.  Coupled with forgiveness and love, grace is meant to flow like water from one to another until we are all living, thinking and feeling on a more loving vibration.  This is the cycle that can bring about peace on earth – but it’s a practice that can’t be missed by even one person or it all crumbles down.

Forgive someone today.  Withhold judgment today and instead offer grace.


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