Did you see me today?

Just a few days ago I was getting ready for bed when I heard God whispering to me.  “Betty, did you see me today?”  I thought for a moment and then it became clear.  I see God in the eyes and unconditional love of my dog.  He looks at me much in the same way I believe that God looks upon me.  He doesn’t judge, he isn’t expecting that I attempt to be someone or something that I’m not and his love and affection aren’t based on how many good things I have done for him.  The more I think about it, the more I am absolutely convinced that even though we are made in God’s image….a dog’s heart is made in God’s image – because it forgives and loves in ways that as humans we can’t even understand.  I see God in the eyes of my Cookie. And I know that he was brought into my life by a God who loves me in ways I cannot yet imagine.


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