Forgiveness & The Law of Attraction

I know that you’ve probably already read my book The Anatomy of Forgiveness, so you know all of the struggles that I faced in relationships all of my life.  I’m here today to reinforce to you the bare fact that it wasn’t until I began to search INWARD that my OUTWARD struggles began to cease.  I know that God has given me to this work to teach His people how to truly attain freedom in their lives.  It is my honor and a blessing to me to do just that.  I am here and ready to help you uncover those little energetic memory seeds that have taken root in your subconcious mind (as well as the cells in your physical body: i.e., cellular memory) and to help you eliminate them.  They are just weeds and once you pluck them out, good things will begin to grow in your life.  The hard part is figuring out how to identify the weed–and I can help you do just that.

The Secret works through movement of energy over the planes.  This energy moves from your subconscious mind out into the Infinite Field of Pure Potentiality where it orchestrates events that then move back across the plane into physical reality.  This process cannot work for you if you have something in your subconcious mind that is blocking the movement of this energy.  The stagnation or block is often caused by events in your life that left a little seed of negative energy behind which began to grow over time and started to operate in your life on its own, sending messages over the planes which brought those negative realities into your physical world.  You won’t be able to realize your full creative potential until this energy is removed.  Removing Cellular Memory isn’t a fifteen minute fix.  It takes time, effort, energy and faith to bring about the changes you are yearning for in your life.  If you’re ready to make an investment in your own happiness and well-being, please contact me for more information.  I am here to help those of you who feel the initiative burning inside and to whom my words ring true in your heart and mind.

I am not looking to convince anyone of anything-I am simply here in the potential that God has given me as a teacher and a healer and I am available and ready to help you today.  If you feel drawn to this teaching, that is God’s way of letting you know that it’s time to move forward.  He wants to lift your burden and give you peace and fulfillment.  A Peaceful and Successful Life brings happiness, honor and glory to God in every capacity.  It is the entirety of the reason we were created in the beginning.  I am now offering my Kinetic Healing Services online via my virtual office on LivePerson.  Aside from many professional credentials to my name, I am also the founder and a practitioner of Kinetic Forgiveness Through Inner Alchemy which is a structured self-healing program that teaches the principles and techniques that will turn your life around.  Part of my work as a life coach is to create a personal meditation portfolio that will guide you through the steps to clearing out all of that old stagnant energy from every element of your body and mind.
God has put it on my heart to reach out to those of you who have been immersing yourselves in the Practice of The Secret.  If you have tried the techniques and yet you are still not seeing positive results flowing into your life, there is an energy block.  I can help you figure out just what  created the stagnation-and how to remove it so that you can live your dreams instead of just looking at your dream board.



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